seismic engineering

Seismic activity is a part of New Zealand’s natural environment. Understanding how seismic forces impact on buildings enables our engineers to design innovative solutions to best suit clients’ needs.

Stiffe Hooker Ltd undertakes both initial and detailed seismic assessments following the guidelines set by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering. Both verbally and in report format, we will advise you of the performance of the building against the National Standards. We also deliver seismic upgrade solutions to meet clients’ needs and expectations. Seismic design can be confusing; therefore, we try to keep it simple and non-technical so that all stakeholders have a clear understanding.

Furthermore, our experience with earthquake design standards, as well as inspections and repairs to building post-Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes means we design robust solutions. When repairable, we ensure minimal disruption to existing facilities and operations. And when designing replacement buildings, we incorporate the current exacting standards.

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